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Bachtrack 2-1-13
"Dana Salisbury and Mari Meade Dance Collective transcend boundaries in What We Were Handed"
by Ivan Talijancic. Click to read."Dana Salisbury and Mari Meade Dance Collective transcend boundaries in What We Were Handed" by Ivan Talijancic. Click to read.

NY Times 3-18-11

"A Dance the Audience Cannot See" by Kerri MacDonald
...."The rest of the sensory stimulation came from the performers, who yelped, giggled and whispered, somersaulting and running. The floor vibrated as they marched by two long rows of seated audience members, banging water bottles together and playing kazoos. They were not shy about whipping balls of rolled-up paper at their audience. And they had no problem touching strangers."

Huffington Post 3-18-11
"Dancing in the Dark: Experiencing Dance Without Sight" by Angela Montefinise
. . . . "Then Salisbury asked us to take off our blindfolds and reality smacked into all of us. We weren't in a forest or on a cruise ship. We were in a bare community room of a library, complete with a piano on the corner. The chairs were plain chairs. The dancers were just dancers. The "leaves" were just paper. It made it even more amazing. As I looked around, I saw the looks on everyone's faces - everyone felt like I did. Everyone was so happy, grinning ear to ear."

WNYC 3-11-11
"Experiencing dance blindfolded" by Abbie Fentress Swanson
. . . . "I began getting sounds that sounded alien," Beattie said. "And then, of course, the rushing and touching, and I felt as if bugs were flying in my ears...At one point, it felt as if I was surrounded by souls, sort of hovering softly around me."

Staten Island Advance 3-3-11
 “Dancing in the dark on Staten Island” by Michael J. Fressola http://www.silive.com/entertainment/arts/index.ssf/2011/03/dancing_in_the_dark_on_staten.html
. . . . "A dance you can’t watch is like the sound of one hand clapping: It’s difficult to comprehend."

DanceArtsWriter 2-5-11
"Dance in the Dark" by Michelle Vellucci
. . . . "In relying on sight we tend to forget about our bodies, and in the process we shut out lots of important information. When I described the performance to a friend, he remarked that it didn’t sound like dance to him. But dance is nothing without the body, and while most dances focus attention only on the performers’ bodies, Salisbury forces audience members to pay attention to their own as well. With Unseen Dance, she’s cracked open a whole new world of possibilities for experiencing dance. And I’m looking forward to following her, blindly, wherever she goes next."