Dana Salisbury choreographer and multidisciplinary artist

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Cover story, Edible Manhattan

Silke Tudor, Village Voice:
In the course of two more dishes, our remaining senses are treated to a light mist of rose water, a tap-dancing percussionist who plays his entire body, the delicate fingering of a clavichord, a whisper of breath across our cheeks, some random fingers in our hair, and laughter at every place setting. . . . When we emerge, the dim hallway seems glaringly bright, but everyone is grinning, seemingly relaxed, relieved, and totally elated.

Gad Guterman, Theatre Journal: "As I gained confidence in the surroundings, feeling shapes and textures, discerning sounds and aromas, I relaxed in what seemed a continuously expanding setting. Without sight, it was astonishing how much one could see, how Salisbury's environment activated muscles and nerves that spectators (in the most literal sense of the word) often ignore.

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